Independent Analytical Research


About Us

INARE is a Calgary, Canada, based company founded in 2010 by science and business enthusiasts striving to introduce and promote into the business world powerful scientific methods based on cutting-edge mathematical, engineering, computer science and operational management techniques.

Despite its recent formal incorporation, the concept has been in the works since the mid of 1990-s, when the company's founders began developing methodologies that were intended to revolutionize Resource Planning and Logistic operations through application of advanced scientific solutions and tools.

Since then a lot has been achieved. We have developed and implemented numerous cost-effective solutions that brought dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity and profitability for businesses, as well as public and government entities.

Nowadays, we stand by our promise to bring our ample knowledge and expertise to our customers to help them thrive in today's highly competitive world.

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At INARE, our experts possess 15+ years of academic, research and practical business expertise in a broad variety of fields, and mostly hold PhD in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Operational Management, as well as MSc and MBA degrees of the world's leading Universities. This unique background helps us to break down barriers between academia and business, and build upon this multifarious knowledge base - that we have been doing in automotive, telecommunication, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing and others industries.

Continuous cooperation with academic and research entities provides us with virtually unlimited scientific resources and access to the latest developments in science and technology. That allows INARE to be at the leading edge, and to incorporate the most modern and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers, strengthening their competitive advantage.

Our distinctiveness is rooted in our firm belief that any considerable improvement in a business or problem resolution can be achieved by scrutinizing and then attacking such problem from all sides. We address it as a whole, instead of focusing only on selected areas, as the latter only brings temporary relief and partial improvements.