Independent Analytical Research



Independent Analytical Research (INARE) specializes in complex science-based analytical research directed to improvement of Resource Planning, Logistics and Marketing Research operations, as well as in Big Data processing and analysis. We help our customers, primarily small- and medium-size enterprises, to form the basis for and to sustain growth, increase profitability, and to make their business more distinctive and recognizable among other market players.

Nowadays, to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, companies increasingly rely on innovative methodological business techniques and approaches. Prompt decision making, higher quality products that reach markets faster and at a lower cost: these are just a few of a long list of advantages that INARE and its team of highly experienced professionals are capable of giving to business enterprises.

Our mission is to popularize and make affordable the most advanced and state-of-the-art Research & Development techniques and enable them to work for our customers' benefit.

Our Value

Proper and comprehensive analysis goes way beyond data gathering and pivoting. Above all, right analysis is a capability to scrutinize data, apply methodologies that are most appropriate to each specific case, and assess the situation from multiple angles.

In line with this concept, INARE performs:
- Complete and comprehensive modeling and assessment of customers' business operations and markets using cutting-edge mathematical methodologies;
- Holistic number-proven expert conclusion on the current and future long-term perspective;
- Transformations of scientific quantitative and qualitative methodologies into flexible, easy-to-use, yet powerful software packages that help our customers meet their needs.

This approach results in outstanding innovative solutions that create lasting and measurable value for our customers, as well as gain strategic advantage over their competitors.

We innovate to increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability!