Independent Analytical Research


Analytical Research

A comprehensive analytical research is what any successful business improvements based upon. At INARE we start with correct questions to design a project within available timeframe and budget. Then we apply rigid science-based quantitative and qualitative approaches to produce objective and unbiased evaluation of your business activities and current market situation. Finally, we develop a simulation model to conduct "what if" analytical research of the current and future situations.

Forecasting & Planning

A capability of "looking beyond the horizon" enables a company to operate proactively and maintain its competitive edge through aligning its business capacity with estimated future market demand. To support our customers in better anticipation of their future short- and long-term perspectives, INARE implements both statistical and analytical forecasting methodologies into the customers' business operations, and develops reliable and effective planning instruments that results in dramatic improvement of planning strategy.

Data Mining

Business growth provokes exponential growth of pertained data sets, which handling may increasingly become difficult and even result in business collapsing. On the contrary, timely and accurate data provides much clearer picture on the state of affairs and events, both internal and external, giving new opportunities for the further growth. At INARE, we utilize procedures of artificial intelligence, statistics, business intelligence, data processing and analysis to establish correlations and patterns between numerous fields in large data sets, and transform such patterns into reasonable and understandable structures for further usage.

Software Development

INARE's software developers are able to transform highly complex scientific and business solutions into flexible and powerful software tools with user-friendly interface, that enable our customers to simplify and optimize their work activity dramatically with very positive impact on labor costs. Standalone applications, web-based and cloud solutions, data processing improvements are just a short list of options we can develop and implement for you.

Engineering Simulation

Thriving R&D innovations have long become the engine of business growth, especially for manufacturing and industrial business fields. Our profound academic, research and scientific expertise and knowledge base enable us to apply most modern, yet tried-and-true scientific analytical and numerical methods to manufacturing and industrial problems, transforming them into advanced engineering models of Solid and Fluid Mechanics.

Support & Training

Demand for highly experienced forecasting and data processing analysts has been rapidly outpacing the availability thereof. With this in mind, INARE presents itself as a convenient, reliable and efficient outsourced solution that meets all our customers' needs for analytical work. The approach will allow your business to save on labor costs, as well as to improve the forecasting quality, planning and data processing operations to a great extent. In addition to that, INARE's specialists are able to arrange training sessions on the above business areas to significantly develop your employees' skills. Our specialists, mostly University researchers and lecturers, are greatly experienced in these areas, and will share their ample knowledge and expertise with your employees.